Deadline – 28th of April at 12 midnight

City Change Masterclass, Curated by Michelle Browne
Wednesday 29th – Friday 31st May 2019
Location: Dublin city

Image: The Hangout (2017) by The Urban Conga. Image courtesy of Ryan Swanson

As part of ‘The Citizen Cycle’, a collaborative arts programme curated by Michelle Browne as part of the Velo-City International Cycling Conference: ‘Cycling for the Ages’, a 3-day Masterclass is offered for 15 producers, artists, designers, architects and community organisers and activists who are interested in working in the built environment. It will be hosted by significant international practitioners: Leticia Lozano, Ryan Swanson, Kate Stewart and Pete Vance.
The Masterclass will explore ways to engage with the city to effect change, while looking at methods and approaches to working with city councils and various stakeholders to achieve their aims. This Masterclass will draw on the cohort of international producers from Creative Producers International, who will bring their expertise from around the world. The workshop is supported by Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts. Create are delighted to work with curator Michelle Browne to host these international practitioners and to welcome participants to the Masterclass.
The Citizen Cycle series of collaborative arts commissions is funded by the Arts Council, Watershed’s Creative Producers International Investment Fund and Dublin City Council, with further support from Create and Temple Bar Gallery and Studios.

Call for Participants: City Change Masterclass
Wednesday 29th – Friday 31st May 2019
Location: Dublin city

Attendance: This workshop is free of charge to successful applicants. See application procedure below.
The City Change Masterclass will be delivered over 3 days, and will explore how producers, artists, architects and community organisers and activists can more effectively make artwork in and for the city of the future. The group will look at successful and unsuccessful case studies in cities around the world, through the prism of The Playful City ethos, before developing ideas for Dublin city, and work-shopping how these can be achieved, with participants equipped with a realistic work plan at the end of the workshop. The curator and facilitators will introduce participants to Dublin City Council staff, producers and activists who are and have been involved in working with artists and arts organisations to deliver projects in and about the city, while discussing the challenges and opportunities presented by current planning for the future of Dublin’s city spaces.

How to apply:
• Tell us about yourself (150 words max)
• Tell us about an idea you have for the city that you are working on now or want to work on into the future (300 words max)
• Tell us why you want to take part (150 works max)
The deadline for applications is the 28th of April at 12 midnight. Please send your application
Please note you must be available to participate for all of the 3 days.

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Keelin Murray
Communications Consultant

2 Curved Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2
Tel: (01) 473 6600

Create – national development agency for collaborative arts

Deadline – 28th of April at 12 midnight


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