Waterford City, 29th March 2019

Waterford’s third annual Piano Day started at 11am in Shine Discovery where organiser Magdalena Lipinska met with her event squad; Dan McMahon on photos, Steven Stubbs on live streaming, Martin Matthews on event facilitation and moral support and Arts Office assistants Sandra O’Dwyer and Ester Alnasiri on the ever vital helping-out duty.Killian Browne resized

A gazebo was quickly erected in John Robert’s Square and a piano, rolled up from Shine, was pushed beneath it out of the sun that thankfully lasted the day. Steven Stubbs, from the Waterford Film Centre, then got to work on setting up a semi-circle of tripods and cameras to capture and stream it all live.

A few curious onlookers had a go on the keys or came close to but the event really kicked off when local pianist Killian Browne ran up to the piano to instantly impress everyone when he started playing. Killian stayed at John Robert’s square until 5pm encouraging singers, fellow musicians and eager kids to join in.

As the day went on Several other pianist stepped up and delighted everyone in earshot, including one talented and mysterious young player who played beautifully and left far too quickly.

Meanwhile The E-motion piano was being played by Thomas Morean in the foyer of  University Hospital Waterford in association with Waterford Healing Arts Trust. It then arrived at the square at 3pm for a piano to piano jam session before moving off to it’s next destination. E Motion resizedThe E-motion piano was played by Jose Salum while it made stops at John Robert’s Square, The Cultural Quarter, Bishop’s Palace and Bailey’s New Street. With parts provided by Rebike and Wild Rover, assembled by local engineer Declan Kelly of Wild Rover Bikes and painted by Lisa Murphy the E -Motion piano tri-cycle brought life wherever it went.

From 7pm to 10pm the action moved to the grand piano in The Large Room, City Hall, with fluid piano and dance collaborations. Opening act was by Marian Ingoldsby accompanied by dancer Jess Rowell and Brian McSweeney from Traces Dance Ensemble followed by a duet of Doug Lowe on piano and Ian McHandy on cello. Then, after a short interval, there was a collaborative performance between Marian Ingoldsby, Jess Rowell and Enda Moran. The final performance was by Brian Dillion accompanied by Enda Moran with a dancing Butch on stilts!

Above all else, Piano Day 2019 was fun! A welcome distraction and well received by the residents and visitors of Waterford City. Praises and congratulations to organiser Magdalena Lipinska for managing to deliver such a successful event.

Thanks to all performers (scheduled or otherwise), Waterford City and County Council, Waterford in your pocket, John Palmer Music Centre and Comeragh Pianos for keeping everything in tune.


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