The Imagine Arts Festival, which runs in Waterford from October 17 – 27 is looking for volunteers. Artistic Director Ollie Breslin is looking for people who may like to get involved in the arts or who are looking for a positive introduction to the arts scene in Waterford. He says there is a multitude of simple ways of getting involved by giving a hand “If you can help in any way give us a shout e.g. contacts in media or being able to distribute brochures or been able to do some voluntary work during the festival. Afterall we are all volunteers working on the festival.”

Other news from the Imagine team

John Dwyer and Imagine featured on Ceili House

On Saturday 28th September Ceili House are featuring the John Dwyer Trad Weekend and Imagine from Dooleys Hotel.The show was recorded in Waterford and features interviews with John dwyer, Edel Fox and Niall Byrne, and fantastic playing from the ‘John Dwyer appreciation society’.

Poole Photo Exhibition 

Over thirty local businesses have signed up to be part of a city-wide walking window tour of how Waterford shops looked 100 years ago as taken by the Poole Photographers in the Mall. The Poole photographers have a fantastic photo collection which is now part of the National Library Photo Collections and two local people James Doherty and Donal Mullane have gathered the information and approached local shopowners to see if they would agree to buy into a photo of the present day shop appearing alongside a photo of how it looked 100 years ago to be in their shop windows around Waterford City during Imagine 2013.

For more information go to www.imagineartsfestival.com email info@imagineartsfestival.com


  1. I would like to volunteer for the arts festival. If I can be of any help please contact me. Thankyou

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