GOMA, Tues 15 January 2019 at 6.30pm.

Waterford St Herblain Cultural & Language Exchange.

Taxi pour Tobrouk (1961) During World War II, French Commandos join forces with a German officer in order to survive the African desert.
Lino Ventura, one of France’s most famous actors, is the grumpy ex-prizefighter turned NCO. He was already a respected actor but this really launched him to French super-stardom. Also well-known singer Charles Aznavour co-stars, but movie’s main reputation lies with its script and dialogues (a mix between comedy and tragedy) by Michel Audiard, who was the scriptwriter of countless other successful French movie classics.
This war movie may not so be well known outside of France, but up to this day it remains a true French classic.

French Film with subtitles in English.

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