Torque by Donna FitzSymons


Preview Sunday July 28th @6.30pm as part of AVENUE Opening Monday July 29th as part of SprOg 2013, Garter Lane Waterford.
Part of FOH Space kindly sponsored by AIB Waterford
torque: A circular, dry-wall construction of overlapped natural peat blocks, approximately 2.5 metres in diameter, 80 centimetres high, 45 centimetres wide at the base and tapering to approximately 10 centimetres at the top. Grass seed, sown within the soil and scattered around the inside of the circular wall. The seed is a fast-growing variety which will appear and grow swiftly throughout the duration of the show.
torque, contains our history as a species from the beginning of modern people, up to today and into the future. The old protects the young, nurtures its own future, ’til the new shoots take off and begin the cycle anew. torque has resonance with history, politics, relationships, the economy, and can be understood in a myriad of ways. It could be that the mould of the past needs first to be broken, to be of use. Or perhaps that forgetting our link with the past is detrimental to the future. For the first time, more of our population live in cities than in the countryside, and we are losing the link to our rural past. The warmth and protection provided by the family ‘circle’ provides the environment for growth, but sometimes stepping outside of one’s sphere is what instigates the leap forward. From the outside torque presents a dark, brooding, wall; but upon approach one sees the bright green growth within, lit up and inviting. The smell of peat and soil should also evoke a response, a memory of fields and forests. A desire perhaps, for a forgotten past.
Donna FitzSymons practice involves the pairing of the political with the organic. Originally from Belfast, Donna moved to the north coast of Ireland five years ago. She graduated with a Master of Fine Art degree from the University of Ulster in 2012. FitzSymons works in various media, including film, print and installation. Her themes are sometimes Feminist, always Humanist. The location in which she lives is prevalent in the work – the changing of the seasons and yet the un-changing nature of the land become reflections of ourselves.
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