The Songs and Tall Tales of Jerry Fish

The Songs and Tall Tales of Jerry Fish Central Arts, 23rd December – 9:00pm

For one night only, you are invited to come, join Jerry Fish in the warm and intimate setting that is Central Arts. ‘The Songs & Tall Tales of Jerry Fish’ is an intimate, stripped-down, theatre style show in which Jerry performs his favourite songs from a career spanning over two decades. Jerry Fish has spent much of his life on the road, a constantly evolving artist who has always favoured innovation over orthodoxy.

Throughout the 1990’s he was the main creative force and front-man of the alternative rock band An Emotional Fish, touring the globe and giving us the alt rock anthem ‘Celebrate’. Once he left the constraints of the four piece rock format however, he found a whole universe of music suddenly become a tangible and touchable prospect: New Orleans funk, Noir Soundtracks, Punk Latino, all manner of Odd Mondo Scenes and Broken Mambo Jive. His widely adored upbeat music includes the hit ‘True Friends’ and two platinum selling albums ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘The Beautiful Untrue’.

Jerry’s aforementioned swaggering vocal has been described as Tom Waits in a good mood, or Leonard Cohen doing Dean Martin. Smiles come aplenty and witty lyrics are definitely Mr. Fish’s currency of choice, but Jerry’s songs have been so well crafted that they deserve more than a casual, amused listen

Tickets: €15 – available at or by calling 086 454 3246

Venue: Central Arts, 123A Parade Quay, Co. Waterford

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