Wednesday 12th December 2012 – Garter Lane, Waterford

Presented by Garterlane Art Centre and Waterford Film for All

The Shop Around the Corner (G)

Ernst Lubitsch’s 1940 comedy with James Stewart is a very different taste from the 1998 remake, You’ve Got Mail. Lubitsch demonstrates that romantic comedies, like popcorn, can be enjoyed salty as well as sweet. This is a sharp, elegant, unsentimental picture in which Stewart plays a character who is often gloomy and downright unsympathetic. The setting is bustling Budapest, in a smart leather-goods emporium, where Alfred (Stewart), like the other sales assistants, is nursing various shabby-genteel grievances related to status. He is offhand with co-worker Klara (Margaret Sullavan), and carrying on a romantic pen-pal correspondence with a woman he has never met. Of course, this is Klara. 98 mins

Starring: James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, Frank Morgan

Times: 8.00 p.m 

All ticket enquiries to Garter Lane Box Office 051 855038

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