Brought to you by the Arts Council, funded by the Government of Ireland and produced by Schweppe Curtis Nunn.

The Grand Stretch / Coiscéim Coiligh is a unique artistic response to a unique chapter in Ireland’s history. This season of arts events, ambitious in purpose, scale and scope will be brought to life by artists and cultural organisations across Ireland in June 2021.

Brought to you by The Arts Council as a way to share our resilience, creativity and connection through the arts following a recommendation by the report ‘Survive, Adapt, Renew’, The Grand Stretch is an open call for ambitious and excellent arts-led projects to be considered for programming as part of a nationwide season over 10 days in June 2021. Artists, producers, technicians, audiences and communities will come together for a programme diverse in form, perspective and location.

Maureen Kennelly, Director of the Arts Council said “Following a long and difficult stretch of being cooped up during which artists have been unable to work to their full potential, we are delighted to bring to life a season of events which will inspire artists and audiences to reconnect in new ways. The Grand Stretch / Coiscéim Coiligh is a marker of brighter days ahead, and a signal of our spirit of optimism and our ambition to explore new connections.”

The Grand Stretch  / Coiscéim Coiligh will be produced by Schweppe Curtis Nunn on behalf of the Arts Council and the Government of Ireland. Maria Schweppe and Naoise Nunn, Co-Directors of Schweppe Curtis Nunn said, “We are excited and proud to be working with the Arts Council to create and produce this timely season of events for next June and we are looking forward hugely to working with artists and organisations to see it come to life.”

Conceived and designed to bolster ambition in and for the arts, the programme will re-invigorate us across the country as we emerge from the impact of COVID-19.

The Grand Stretch/ Coiscéim Coiligh aims to:

  1. Spark ambition in the arts, and for the arts, to show that the arts can respond and lead the way with confidence.
  2. Expand understanding by showing who we are as a nation and presenting art and arts experiences that reflect modern Ireland; our diversity of identities, perspectives, artforms, approaches and locations.
  3. Embrace adaptability by responding to the challenges of the moment to deliver, reinvent, reimagine and collaborate regardless of disruptions.
  4. Encourage participation by committing to ensuring the work and projects are seen and experienced by diverse audiences, participants and onlookers, whether in real life or through digital channels.

Curated via an Open Call process, the programme will encourage applicants and participants to be ambitious in how they create their ideas and work; and invite the public to experience excellent art in unique locations across Ireland.

Selected arts-led projects will be programmed into an ambitious season which will take place in locations across Ireland over 10 days in June 2021.

The Open Call application form, along with guidelines on how to apply, selection criteria, assessment information and FAQs, will be accessible from from  10am Monday 11 January 2021 until 12noon on Monday 8 February 2021.

The Grand Stretch

Brought to you by the Arts Council, funded by the Government of Ireland and produced by Schweppe Curtis Nunn.

11 – 20 June 2020

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