Greyfriars Municipal Gallery from 26th November to the 23rd December. Admission free. 

The Glass Society of Ireland presents SOLAS a group exhibition of contemporary glass artisans from Ireland. Skilled in all elements of glass manipulation these artists explore the medium of glass to evoke thought and feeling. Using, colour, form, scale, etching, mixed media and light to communicate with the viewer. Each artists approach is unique and has resulted in an outstanding variety of pieces not to be missed.

Add this to ‘The Four Seasons’ exhibition of Municipal paintings representing Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ already on show at Greyfriars Municipal Gallery this is a definite stop on the Winterval trial.

 Michelle Ryan - Scatter & Contain (2015) Solas at Hunt Gallery Limerick

Greyfriars Municipal Gallery Opening Hours: 26th November – 23rd December

Wednesday – Thursday 10am – 5pm

Friday – Sunday 3pm – 7pm


Monday 21st Dec, 3pm – 7pm

Tuesday 22nd Dec, 3pm – 7pm

Wednesday 23rd Dec, 3pm – 7pm

Solas at NCAD (Catherine Wilcoxin, Sinead Brennan, Debbie Dawson, Peadar Lamb)


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