Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland has announced a series of new measures to support production companies and creative talent, across feature film, TV drama, animation and documentary in Ireland. Responding to the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the industry the Board and Executive said their key priority is to support the sector during this critical time, to ensure that Irish creative screen talent can continue to play a key role within Irish cultural life and make a critical contribution to rebuilding the economy when this crisis is over.

Building on a number of early initial measures announced last month, Screen Ireland announced a further round of stimulus measures to support the sector. These new measures including:
• Strategic Slate Development Fund
• Enhanced Development Support
• Creative Concept Development Scheme
• Enhanced Investment in Screenplay & Spotlight Schemes
• Financial Planning for Companies
• Funding Schemes for Skills Development

The overall fund is valued at up to €3 million and aims to support strategic project development with strong creative ambition and a focus on diversity and inclusion. It said “We are aiming to support production companies, working closely with screenwriters and directors with strong creative vision to develop their own IP.

Funding Schemes for Skills Development
Screen Skills Ireland has repurposed two of its funding schemes. The Festivals and Events Funding Scheme is now a Skills Development Events Funding Scheme, which will assist Irish organisations and film festivals to provide online industry events including masterclasses, workshops, panel discussions, and seminars.
The International Bursary Award Scheme has been repurposed as a Bursary Award Scheme to support industry professionals to undertake high level online skills development courses.
Screen Skills Ireland will also introduce two new funding schemes. The Screen Mentoring Funding Scheme will support industry professionals to access Mentor support over a 12-month period. The Stakeholders & Guilds Funding Scheme will support screen stakeholders and guilds to deliver a range of skills related activity over the course of a year.
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