Waterford Academy of Music and Arts, every Mondays 8th October – 19th November at 8:00pm


“Composers Are People Too” it’s a series of 6 lighthearted and entertaining presentation using audio and video on some of the great composers. Suitable for anyone interested in classical music that would like to know more about the lives of some of the great composers. Also suitable for anyone studying music in college, or studying Junior/Leaving Cert Music.

We have all heard of these composers and may even recognise some of their music. But what were they like as people? Under what circumstances did they write their music? What was happening in their world at the time? In what is designed to be an entertaining and somewhat educational series of presentations Kevin O’Carroll will bring to life the world of famous composers.

Presentations will include recordings of their music and a look at the life they led. In an informal setting, Kevin will attempt to put their music in context so we can understand why Bach remained in Germany all his life while his contemporary Handel was much travelled or why ‘van’ or ‘von’ made such a difference to Beethoven.

The first six presentations will include some of the world’s most famous classical composers from very different centuries : Bach, Tchaikovsky , Mozart, Beethoven, Monteverdi and Gershwin.

Tickets price: €12 pay as you go available on the door or €60 for all six sessions

Complementary tea & coffee afterwards.


For more information and to book your ticket please click here or call on 051 82 10 14.

Waterford Academy of Music and Arts, Passage Cross, Dunmore Road, Waterford.
Contact: 051 82 10 14

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