kingdom of the Woodies


Gallery 20ten, June 8th 2018 from 6pm to 9pm

Tonight is the launch of Kingdom of Woodies, a solo exhibition of new work by Beata Zakrzewska at Gallery 20ten, 18a Lombard Street, Waterford

Time: 6.00pm to 9.00 pm

The exhibition runs until Sat 30th June.

Opening hours: 1 to 5pm, Wed to Sat.


Background to the collection

Part of a year-long project, one new denizen of the ‘Kingdom of Woodies’ has been revealed in watercolour every day since January 1st, 2018, and each of these is shared on Instagram @bzartwork

Though her primary medium is photography, Beata, with this exhibition, proves her success in exploring other media: these works suggest an astonishing diversity of characters, each of them unique and vividly actualized. “Though they all have similar features, each character has its own unique personality,” observes Zakrzewska.

Pareidolia is a term used in psychology to describe the phenomenon of perceiving entities through the presence of certain visual forms within the material world. At its most harmless and enjoyable, we may, for example, discern characteristics of animals in cloud formations.

Beata has drawn inspiration from the endlessly varied patterns of the ‘knots’ formed by branches in the anatomy of wood, which we encounter every day in the surface of a table or a floorboard.

‘Kingdom of Woodies’ presents the viewer with the fascinating results of this imaginative relationship with the seemingly mundane bringing forth creatures, in which we can clearly see reflected the infinite attributes of Humanity itself.

A native of Poland, where she studied graphic design, Beata has been resident in Waterford since 2008, and exhibiting with Group 20ten since 2014.

Gallery 20ten is supported by Waterford City & County Council.


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