W.I.T. Main Campus, 24th – 28th June & runs all day with a cost of €350


Due to limited availability of places, early registration is strongly recommended to ensure your participation!

The focus of the summer school will be on tools for protecting the planted forest resource from different hazards. There will be talks, demonstrations, and training in the use of the latest tools and techniques for assisting modern forestry professionals in making informed forestry risk management decisions. The course will include lectures, field work training, demonstrations and hands-on use of different tools in the field and the laboratory.

The workshop is primarily focused at professional foresters, forest consultants, managers and owners, forestry policy makers, and postgraduate-level students. We expect up to 50 attendees from around the world who will taught by more than 20 internationally recognised experts in the field of forest risk management. 

Further information about the events may be found by following this link and the provisional agenda for the event is here.

The event costs €350 & tickets can be purchased here please contact Barry Gardiner (EFIPLANT) on barry.gardiner with any further queries.

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