Garter Lane Arts Centre, Wednesday 28th November at 7:30pm


A young man suffering from depression searches the internet for a reason to die.

Brendan Gleeson has no reason to continue living. His wife has left him for another man and moved to New Zealand with their ten year old son. He has abandoned all hope of a high flying career in London and taken up a dead-end position in a boring little office in Dublin. He spends his nights watching horrible German porn and drinking endless bottles of cheap supermarket wine. He’s lonely, he’s isolated and most of all he’s afraid. His only friend in life is his faithful dog Podge.

The day finally arrives when Brendan decides to end it all. First he kills Podge, then he turns his gun on himself. But when the moment comes to pull the trigger Brendan is just not able to do it. Something – he doesn’t know what – stops him from committing the act. The failed attempt at taking his life leaves Brendan worse off than ever: he’s still all alone in the world, but now he’s without his beloved Podge. He desperately needs help.

Tickets price: €7.50

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Garter Lane Arts Centre, O’Connell Street, Waterford.


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