Sunday 17th Febuary – Garter Lane Waterford

The Imposter (15)

Bart Layton’s documentary is about one of the most extraordinary sociopath-conmen of modern times: Frederic Bourdin, a young Frenchman who in the late 1990s appeared to have all America fooled – the press, the police, everyone.

‘It would not involve hyperbole to suggest that The Imposter is the most astonishing film you will see this year. This is not to say it is the best or even the most original movie of the season (though it’s pretty darn good and pretty darn singular). No other film will, however, have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief quite so often.’ Irish Times 

Dir: Bart Layton

Runtime: 95mins

Time  8.00 p.m

All ticket enquires to Garter Lane Box Office 051-855 038

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