GOMA, Opening Wednesday 29th of October 2020 at 5:00pm

EDIT: The exhibition will be shared online on the 21st of October. The official opening date is now the Thursday the 29th of October. Booking for the 29th is still essential through the booking slots and times remain the same.

GOMA in association with Imagine Arts Festival is delighted to invite you to:

Wild and Precious Worlds—Margo Banks

Please book online for one of our three opening slots on the relevant link below.

Slot 1 @ 5 PM: tiny.cc/margobanks5pm

Slot 2 @ 6.30 PM: tiny.cc/margobanks630pm

Slot 3 @ 7.45 PM: tiny.cc/margobanks745pm

Opening Wednesday the 29th of October.
(Booking for opening reception essential.)

29th October – 6th December

Due to COVID-19 restrictions limited places are available for the opening reception. To secure a place please click the link and fill in your booking details for your preferred time.

5 PM: tiny.cc/margobanks5pm
6.30 PM: tiny.cc/margobanks630pm
7.45 PM: tiny.cc/margobanks745pm

Please note, on arrival you will be greeted by our staff who will explain the new safety procedures of the gallery.

All visitors are asked to sign in on the day by using our contactless sign-in sheet. Hand sanitising stations are available and we are asking all visitors to wear their own face covering.


“The role of drawing is fundamental to my work. These drawings of crows and animals are sometimes prefaces to paintings, and sometimes a relaxation from them. They are works in their own right.

They are witnesses to the changes in the landscape of Teeromoyle in South West Kerry – my mother’s place.

My mother died quite young but I was reared on her stories about her childhood in the mountains, so family and a sense of place haunts my work. My mother’s past is my past. Her parent’s house is long gone but the field where the house was remains unchanged and I have painted this field many times.

.Painting the field sometimes makes me feel snug, warm and sheltered and other times exposed, vulnerable and turbulent. I remove layers of earth while adding layers of paint.

This is my subject matter, not the meaning of my paintings.”

-Margo Banks

Website: www.margobanks.com

GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, 6 Lombard Street, Waterford

Phone: +353 87 1961923

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