Christ Church Cathedral, September Friday 21st at 7:15pm to 10pm

Christ Church Small

Visit this beautiful church  at 7.17pm and enjoy a guided tour of Christ Church Cathedral with tour guide Michael O’Brien. Learn more about one of Waterford’s most prominent landmarks, steeped in nearly 1000 years of history and culture. Learn about the marriage of Strongbow and Aoife, the discovery of cloth-of-gold vestments, and admire the cathedral’s ornate ceiling, magnificent organ, and memorials.

At 8pm speaker Erica Fay will give a talk entitled:  Captain William McCleverty: an 18th Century explorer’s links with Waterford.  On Saturday, 18 December 1779, the Dublin Evening Post carried the following announcement: ‘Died: In Waterford, Captain McCleverty’. This talk will explore why this Royal Navy Captain was in Waterford and why a monument was erected to his memory in the newly built Christ Church Cathedral. All are welcome!

Free event.

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Christ Church Cathedral, 1 Cathedral Square, Waterford

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