soma logoSoma Contemporary Gallery is looking for creative partnership proposals to continue its valuable work with the Arts Service of Waterford City & County Council. The proposals will mark the third phase of the gallery’s development which is to be geared towards European contexts and sustainability.

Soma is a multi purpose, multi discipline art space that in a relatively short period of time has achieved a solid reputation for contemporary practise.

SINIt is currently under the artistic direction of Artist Jacquelyn O’Keefe who intends to handover the reigns in November. Initially assisted by Adrian McGrath, her directors include Waterford Arts Officer Conor Nolan and Independent Arts Manager Liam Rellis. Soma was founded in 2009 by Artist Paul Hallahan and Conor Nolan. The Gallery has been a home for emerging artists and contemporary practises ever since.

Soma should be seen in the light of a people’s gallery inasmuch as exhibitions must be given the tools to be accessible to the broader community whether it be through marketing, outreach or communication. The aim is for viewers to see Soma Contemporary Gallery as a place for aesthetics, the senses and exploration.Surrender.jpg

justified-correctedIf you are interested in forming a creative partnership to take Soma Contemporary Gallery to the next stage of its evolution contact: for full details.


    1. Can you send an email with your details to conornolan @ and I will pass it on to the curator.

      Thanks – Conor

  1. Hi Jacquelyn & Conor
    Does Soma have an exhibition scheduled for during imagine this year? 15-25 October bid yes, can u send me info for inclusion in our brochure if not, can Imagine put an artist/artists into the space please? Get back to me ASAP. As usual, I’m running behind with my programming!

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