Curraghmore House, 2nd at 12 p.m. – 4th  at 3 a.m. of August.


This year we set off on All Together Now’s maiden voyage. Curraghmore Estate’s 3000 acres provided a setting so fruitful and so beautiful, with incredible history. We had the pleasure of creating and curating a festival here – a festival which has boundless possibility as it evolves each year. This year’s festival carried an inspiring atmosphere, where people were respectful of each other, the incredible landscape and wonderful performers.

Setting off on this journey, we endeavoured to embrace the landscape’s beauty, to honour the past but also to collaborate and create a new future. Following the sad and sudden loss of John Reynolds, the founder of POD, the whole team look forward to realising the vision and dedication, which over the last three decades changed the Irish cultural landscape. In this year’s festival programme, John proclaimed himself as ‘the so-called captain of the best team in the world’. When creating a festival, something happens…similar to creating art, what has been made carries a history and a future, the beauty of it, just like a work of art that is created, can live long past the creator, respecting its history but continuing to evolve with a vision of the future. Festivals provide many states of emotion for people, a place to rebel, a place to escape, a place to reflect and a place to celebrate. All Together Now’s ethos was to create a place for like-minded people – music lovers, passionate performers, families, artists, musicians, creators, rebels and refugees of a changing festival landscape – to come together and create a truly magical atmosphere across one weekend.

We are privileged to return for this second chapter on 2-4 August. We will bring you a weekend of freedom, inspiration and escapism through music, spoken word, comedy, theatre, debate, art, workshops, feasts of food and bespoke cocktails.

All Together Now will be set across 16 stages, featuring natural amphitheatres, the iconic Spiegeltent, secret woodland stages, the Belonging Bandstand and more. The flow of the festival will mean that the grounds will be easily navigable, intimate but with quirky gems, rolling lawns, gentle hills and hidden forests to enjoy the nature of this 3000 acre site.

We are keen to ensure a safe and fun festival for families and kids. Kids Together is our dedicated area, filled with creative things to inspire young festival goers. This is an integral part of our ethos and will once again be a key part of the All Together Now experience.

We are passionate about creating and promoting sustainability at All Together Now and we are acutely aware of our duty of care to Curraghmore Estate’s stunning grounds. All Together Now festival goers embraced this and we all left the grounds of Curraghmore Estate as we found them. We will be introducing even further measures for 2019, which we will be rolling out in the forthcoming months.

This glorious 3000 acre setting is perfect for its proximity to some of Ireland’s largest cities – just 50 minutes from Cork and 90 minutes from Dublin.

We have taken measures for this forthcoming year to improvements to transport links from all main hubs.

Please find music line-up here & comedy line-up here.




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