On January 25th and 26th Waterford will celebrate its unique Twin Georgian Cathedrals, and the birth three hundred years ago (on January 26th 1714) of the designer of both cathedrals, Waterford man John Roberts.

On Saturday 25th, Historian Julian Walton will give talks in both Cathedrals, beginning at 4pm in Holy Trinity Cathedral, Barronstrand Street, and continuing at 5pm in Christ Church Cathedral, Cathedral Square.

The talks will be followed at 5.30pm by the launch of a new Chapter of the Georgian Society.

On Sunday, 26th, there will be two special services in the Cathedrals, following the liturgy of the late eighteenth century when they were built. Matins will be sung in Holy Trinity Cathedral at 10am and a Candle Lit Choral Evensong will be held in Christ Church Cathedral at 4pm.

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  1. I came to Waterford on July the 24th and the very next day I went in to the cathedral on Cathedral Sq but before I came in I went next door to have a meeting in the Museum and to have a look at the Roberts family history. Which I am connected to, my grandfather and great grandfather was both called Edward Roberts, my G,G grandfather was Samuel Ussher Roberts, you yourself can look this up in books, I am not telling a lie I really am related to John Roberts, I have been doing a lot of research on my family history and seem to come up ever time with Edward Roberts my grandfather being cousin to Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts, I have my grandfather marriage ceritifcate and on that it told me my great Grandfather name which was Edward Roberts then on doing searches on the internet I found my Great Great Grandfather name which was Samule Ussher Roberts His father was also called Samuel Roberts and he married Martha Ussher, I am writing a book on the Roberts family history, so if there are any plaques on the Wall in Holy Trinity Catheradel could you please send them to me by my email address which is paulinemroberts@gmail.com This is not a Joke I am who I say I am, and as John Roberts was know by the people of Waterford Honest John Roberts, I talk after him, I was brought up not to tell lies. Ask the Museum in Waterford if a Pauline Roberts came to see them, on the 25th July and I see a Rosemary Ryan there, so tell the people of Waterford there are other people connected to John Roberts alive today, me in England and my brolther in New Zealand and other family in and around England, Even my second cousin is names after John Roberts, his full name is John Howard Roberts, I will be coming back to Waterford next summer for a holiday, so will be able to come in and see bith cathedrals. Look Forward to that. From Ms Pauline Roberts

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