Voluntary/Amateur Arts Grants

These grants are for the Voluntary/Amateur strata and would include, for example, Marching Bands, Amateur Drama Organisations, secular Choirs, Amateur Visual Arts Cooperatives, Volunteer Concert providers, Amateur Writing Groups etc. These grants are for specific artistic projects to bring them into the public domain with preference being given to:

  • those who employ professional artists/workers/technicians to increase the quality of output
  • those utilising local creative inputs (such as a new play by a local writer)
  • those that have a strong track record for excellence
  • projects that create linkages with the City and County

Please note that if you are a voluntary/amateur theatre group please read the 2012 Drama Indicatives (as this is a competitive process there is no guarantee of funding). Please note also that these grants are not for administration or for events that happened in the past. (Read the 2020 Guidelines before applying.)

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