Glass3t_Sp14REFRACT: Contemporary glass design. Traditional techniques.
Curated by Róisín de Buitléar.
City Hall
Waterford City
28th of May – 19th of September
Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm.

Glass Mentor

ID2015 Celebrating the Year of Design in Ireland.

Refract will present the work of twenty glass designers from Britain, Czech Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica,

Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, and the USA.

Featuring work by:

François Azambourg, Thibaut Allgayer, Vic Bamforth, Juli Bolanos Durman, Mark Braun, CIAV, Mendel Heit,

John Kiley, Krista Israel, Lucie Koldova, Malfatti Glass, Camilla Moberg, Ingrid Ruegemer, Studio

BrichetZiegler, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, Nocc Studios, Sarah Wiberley, V8 Designers and Heikki


Waterford City, renowned the world over for its luxurious crystal treasures, is about to embark on a new

voyage in glass design. This summer, Waterford City Hall will host an exciting exhibition of captivating,

contemporary glass objects. This exhibition will showcase top international glass design including lighting,

tableware, and vessels, showing innovations in design directions and in glass production.

Set in the beautiful City Hall on Waterford’s Mall the exhibition is open to the public, Monday to Friday

10am to 4.30pm. Design concepts in glass to be seen include; crystal clouds, slung capsule lamps,

translucent touchable fur, and a vase that tells a story. The underlying curatorial theme of this exhibition is

how traditional glassmaking techniques have been reinterpreted to create new contexts for objects in


An intriguing glass cooking stove is traveling from the V8 Designers’ studio in Strasbourg. Seattle designer

and maker, John Kiley will be displaying his glass incalmo, a balance of glass engineering and colour.

Drinking glasses with names such as: ‘Little Dumpling’ by Malfatti USA, ‘Bubbles’ by Ingrid Ruegemer,

Germany, and ‘Ponds’ by Heikki Viinikainen, Finland, bring a contemporary caché to casual dining. Mark

Braun has a number of pieces designed for the Swiss Glass Company Lobmeyr, a set of engraved water

carafes, and drinking glasses, a Brandy snifter and bottle for the Stahlemuhle company. The Costa Rican

designer, Juli Bolanos Durman, creates bottles by recycling and reusing waste glass. Jeremy Maxwell

Wintrebert, France, has reshaped traditional stained glass window glass from Germany’s Lamberts Glass

Company, into enormous pillars of transparent colour, containers of luscious light and liquid. Two British

artists; Vic Bamforth and Sarah Wiberley, paint onto the surface of glass vessels, one telling mythical stories

the other inspired by luxurious wallpapers. Vanity Mirrors of blown glass, a vase that can be recreated into

endless combinations from one mould, and translucent table lamps reminiscent of confectionary, are on

show in this exciting exhibition. Every piece, brings a fresh look at this ancient heritage craft, made so

famous by Waterford. It’s therefore fitting that Waterford The Glass City is showcasing this new expression

in the Year of Design in Ireland.

REFRACT is being supported by ID2015, Waterford City and County Council, Viking Triangle Trust, and

Waterford Institute of Technology.


Complimentary Exhibition:

Masters of the Glass – Local masterpieces from the city and county .

Curated by Róisín de Buitléar.

Waterford Treasures Medieval Museum

Viking triangle


28th of May – 19th of September

Specially curated in the Year of Design 2015, this exhibition brings together, on temporary loan, glass

masterpieces from private collections, many of which have never before been publicly displayed. The

exhibition includes one off centerpieces, special commissions, and ditties made by glassmakers as personal

gifts. This is the first exhibition of its kind to be held in Waterford city, and showcases the extraordinary skill

of local glassmakers in the specialist field of cut and engraved crystal. Featuring work by, Fred Curtis, Joe

Kelly, Danny Murphy, Heinz Plattner, Maurice Scanlon, John Stenson, Pat Brophy, John Coughlan, Eamon

Hartley, Miroslav Havel, Tom Hayes and Greg Sullivan.

Five city partners are working together under the ‘Glass City’ banner: Waterford City and County Council,

The Viking Trust, Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford Central Library and Waterford Treasures

Medieval Museum, are coming together to bring glass into centre stage for the next 6 months. Supported

by the Year of Design 2015 and the Glass Society of Ireland, this series of events aims to inspire a fresh

creative approach to working with glass in the region. For updates see,and,Heritage/

Facebook: Waterford The Glass City



Róisín de Buitléar, Curator, @RdeBuitlear 087 775 1938

Sinéad Brennan, Project coordinator, @shinaidbrennan 085 702 77884

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