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Unfortunately, due to the effects of the Covid-19 Virus, a number of our services have been severely curtailed. Our offices are now working from remote locations. Email contact however still stands. Please note that because of the Virus not everything on this site is updated in the fashion that we desire.

Stay safe – Conor Nolan 14/04/2020


Waterford has everything on its doorstep for a film production company to utilise. From historical building groups; Edwardian, Victorian Georgian etc, to 20th century modern, to beautiful beaches, funfairs and playgrounds, industrial, post industrial and deserted industrial set-ups to rural and agricultural timeless locations.

Waterford also has a ‘can do’ attitude in regards to quick decisions on road closures and film permits. It has an abundance of trade people: LX, Carpenters, Set Painters, Builders as well as a large young performance oriented community. Through the Council and the Waterford Film Centre it also has resources for 2nd Units and documentation (DSLR set-up, Zeis glass, Green Screen, Kino lanterns, stage units, theatre set-ups).

Accommodation is very good value and the Council would aid in its sourcing as well as aiding the supply of production offices. Contact Conor Nolan at ++ 353 (0) 51 849657 or Email him at conornolan @ waterfordcouncil.ie

Please find below a selection of locations photographed by Jenna Keane and Noel O’Connor.

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