The 12th Waterford Film Festival wrapped up on Sunday ( 2nd Dec)  to a packed house and was a great success! Filmmakers, writers and guests traveled from USA, UK, Europe and all across Ireland to attend the 3 day event in Central Arts.

Best Short Film Award

The WINNER of the Waterford City & County Council Award For Best Short Film Went to:

‘All In Good Time’ directed by Bonnie Dempsey, Producers: David O’Sullivan & Una Shinners

The Runners up Award for Best Short Film went to:

Homecoming directed by Sinéad O’Loughlin, Producer Laura Brennan

The Special Mention Award went to Inside I’m Racing directed by Aleksander Szeser, Producer Aidan Whelan

Screenplay Award

The WINNER of the Screenplay Award went to:

Hush Little Baby written by Ricardo Bravo

The Runners up Award for Best Screenplay went to:

Teatime written by Anna Merritt and Deborah Wiseman

For more photos and info please go to the Waterford Film Fest Facebook Page

Below is the full list of the 25 Finalists of the Screenplay Competition.

  • 1. Uggy
    Writers: Colum Kavanagh
    Logline: This dark comedy highlights the absurdity of life lived through social media by inflicting the mechanics of social media on an otherwise contented young cavewoman and her Stone Age tribe.
  • 2. The Gyre
    Writers: Justin MacGregor
    Logline: Having returned home to Waterford after serving in Afghanistan, an Irish nurse seeks solace from her grandfather who served in World War 2 and, like her, has PTSD.
  • 3. Burbank
    Writers: Barry John O’Connor
    Logline: A son wrestles with the inevitability of his fathers death.
    Writers: Michael Bowler
    Logline: Sexist, Racist, Classist, Xenophobic:
  • 5. Waveshifter
    Writers: Michele Manahan
    Logline: A young woman encounters a wicker-woman ghost doll in the seas around County Waterford.
  • 6. Parrallelogram
    Writers: Karen Watkins
    Logline: Frank desperately battles to stay within the labyrinth of his mind ,while science is trying to bring him back to the Land of the Norm ,But at what price?
  • 7. Teatime
    Writers: Anna Merritt and Deborah Wiseman
    Logline: A seemingly sweet old lady’s true nature is revealed when she is forced to take in her daughter and family.
  • 8. 2:00am Meetings
    Writers: Ivan Cush
    Logline: Every night, an anxious teenage boy distracts himself from questions of life and purpose by going on long aimless runs, where on one such occasion, he sparks an unexpected friendship with a semi-familiar figure in a similar state of turmoil.
  • 9. Valentine’s Day
    Writers: Michael Ward
    Logline: Dispite being interrupted by well meaning friends Tom Valentine hopes by the days end to achieve everlasting love.
  • 10. The Paper Man
    Writers: Rose Byrne
    Logline: When a childhood memory is suddenly awakened, it takes a disheartened Dano on a bittersweet journey with an unforeseen ray of hope
  • 11.Cry of the Cockatoo
    Writers: Mary D’Arcy
    Logline: There is nothing in the doctor’s manner to alert the former gunman. Yet every animal instinct he has is signaling wildly that she knows him.
  • 12. The Journey
    Writers: Dave Thomas
    Logline: In the beautiful small Irish coastal town in Ireland, there is an equally beautiful little train station.
  • 13. Tomb It May Concern
    Writers: Emmet O’Brien
    Logline: Two distressed souls wake up in nearby coffins, alive but changed. What is their place in a potentially changed world?
  • 14. Bring Back Laura
    Writers: Paul Carey
    Logline: A young romantic, with the help of a celebrity occultist, attempts to bring his dead girlfriend back to life.
  • 15. The Voice Within
    Writers: Graham Lillis
    Logline: A man comes face to face with his personal demons to try and start a new chapter in life.
  • 16. The Hunt For Chuck Berry
    Writers: David Simpson
    Logline: In 1970,a NASA satellite,’Voyager 1′,was shot into space and in 2017 lands on planet X68 in Andromeda star system. Small humanoids,living there, go ecstatic apon hearing a recorded version of Chuck Berry music, found on a record within the satellite. They decide to head out to find this human and bring him home to teach them more! The hunt starts!
  • 17. Stay
    Writers: Mark Dollard
    Logline: Ciara has been homeless for some time. Desperate to stay off the streets, and find somewhere more comfortable than the back seat of her car, she seeks shelter in an abandoned building. She soon realises she is not alone.
  • 18. The Talk
    Writers: Antoin Beag Ó Colla
    Logline: When Moira discovers her 14 year old son may be in a relationship she dreads about having to have…The Talk.
  • 19. Lambing
    Writers: Katie McNeice
    Logline: A young Irish couple eagerly await the birth of their son. But when the baby’s gender turns out ambiguous, how do they face everyone, or each other?
  • 20. The Talk
    Writers: Jonathan Hughes
    Logline: The Talk is a short comedy about the conversation that takes place between father and son, after a domineering Protestant father walks in on his son in bed with a man. The old saying “coming out is hard to do” is more true for some than it is for others.
  • 21. The Great Kopycinski
    Writers: Susannah Hunt
    Logline: A well-known Polish composer interned at Auschwitz uses his status to fight for the survival of his orchestra.
  • 22. The Wish
    Writers: Margaret Dane
    Logline: What can you do to alleviate someone’s grief when someone you love dies. Brian is wishing away his wife’s grief.
  • 23. Hush Little Baby
    Writers: Ricardo Bravo
    Logline: A man is slowly driven insane by the cries of a baby next door.
  • 24. Just One
    Writers: Helena Clarke
    Logline: Quirky comedy about a one legged who man receives a wedding invitation that takes him out of a rut and into an adventure
  • 25. Washed Up
    Writers: Zoe Mercier
    Logline: 80s actor looking for a 2nd chance at the big time.

All of the Team would like to thank all of the filmmakers and writers who entered and congratulations to all of those who were selected and the Winners!

We would also like to thank again all of our sponsors for contributing towards the success of this event and for helping us make it happen again this year!

A big thank you to our hosts and all of the team at Central Arts! It was fantastic for us to be there!

All of the team at the festival would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and All the best for the New year. We hope to see you again next year!


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