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BlackwaterpoetrycompetitionCompetition deadline 17th April 2019

Red House Poets are hosting this year’s Blackwater International Poetry festival, and the festival’s annual poetry competition is now open.  Click on the link below to submit up to 3 poems (any theme, any length up to 80ish lines)


The comp closes 17 April, and the winner is invited to be a Featured Reader one night of the Festival, and be recognised for their excellence (those who come usually bring their books and other works with them, to sell and display). Gene Barry is the creator of the Festival which runs from the 1 to 5 August in Lismore.

The 4 nights and days are built around poets meeting each other and sharing excellence, experience and creativity, plus having a very good time in the lovely surrounds of Lismore and area. This year will feature a raft of European and Irish poets (see blackwaterpoetryfestival.com), a detailed programme is on the way.

Enter your work by submitting 3 poems (in a word doc) to blackwaterpoetryfestival@gmail.com.

Payment of €10 is via PayPal, any questions, email Gene Barry at blackwaterpoetryfestival@gmail.com


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