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Image from https://imagineartsfestival.com/

The Apple Market, Sunday 28 Oct at 1:00pm

In the distant future, the year 3018, war has broken out. In order to claim the origins of the all mighty blaa, clans from around Waterford blaa-ttle it out.

Groups of the estranged blaa-ttlers will gather. They have dropped their shields and swords and have picked up the flour and eggs for a display unseen before.

The clans need your help to be victorious!

The blaa-ttle will be a family-friendly participatory event. A theatrical reconstruction set in a post-apocalyptic war-zone. Featuring our estranged blaa-ttlers, tonnes of flour and YOU.

Booking is essential to be part of this one of a kind event.

Costume is highly recommended.

The event will lead with a children’s only blaattle followed by live entertainment and will culminate with an adult only blaa-ttle.

Blaa-Mageddon in it’s second year is a street spectacle created by Jenna Whelan.

For further information contact: 0871961923


This event is part of the Imagine Arts Festival 2018.

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