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Garter Lane Arts Centre, 28th to 30th of September 2017 @ 8pm

Tickets: €13.50, €10 concession.

Petticoat Loose was known as a big drinker and dancer, a suspected murderer: thought to have been a witch as a she lived and an evil spirit after her death.

Some say the original Petticoat Loose came from Colligan, Co. Waterford where she lived and haunted all across the Knockmealdown Mountains into Clogheen in South Tipperary. Remnants of her story show up in all through Munster and into Connaught.

The superstitions surrounding her lend substance to the notion that the nature of a society could be revealed in the popular traditions and folklore that its people choose to pass on and keep vibrant.

Rigout Productions presents her tale through the medium of theatre, film and music; written by Martina Collender, directed by Joe Meagher and starring Shauna Farrell.

Tickets: €13.50, €10 concession.

This project is supported by Waterford Council.

Venue: Garter Lane Arts Centre, O’Connell St, Waterford

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