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Further information and Terms & Conditions

This grant is for emerging and professional screenwriters working in tandem with a producer.

  • All scripts must be new, unpublished and unfettered from publishing rights, filming agreements or any previous production or shooting agreements. They must not be part of an educational pursuit, hobby or assignment.
  • The script must follow correct format procedures – see below for advise. The script must be the work of the applicant(s). Preference will be given to those who either live or work in Waterford or who were originally from Waterford.
  • Preference is also given to scripts that identify with Waterford and the South East region as a whole.
  • Waterford City & County Council (WC&CC) must be accredited in all promotional material and all formal material associated with the filming of the script.
  • If WC&CC’s association with the script ends at the culmination of stage one funding (€250) and the script goes on to be produced elsewhere – the Council’s logo should appear along with the line “Script originally developed with the aid of Waterford City & County Council’s Art Service”.
  • Following successful stage two funding (up to €3,500) WC&CC claims the film credit right of 1st Associate Producer. This should appear with the WC&CC Logo. A later credit should appear stating: “Developed with the aid of the Screenwriter & Producer Team Grant from Waterford City & County Council’s Arts Service”.
  • Invitations to attend substantial premieres and Film Festivals should by issued to the serving Mayors of Waterford City & County Council and to the relevant Arts Officer.

Contact conornolan@waterfordcouncil.ie for any further clarifications.

Click here for an example of script formatting courtesy of the BBC’s Writers Room

Click here for MSWord formatting advise courtesy of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association

Dedicated Screenplay software is available but can be expensive. Click on links below:



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