Waterford City & County Council's Arts resource site


Waterford City & County Council is proud of the quality of the venues it has helped develop. Whilst the primary focus of these buildings relates to performance and exhibition of finished work, the venue should also be a place where new work can also originate. Council grant-funded venues will be expected to maximise the use of scarce resources and to foster the development of new and accessible arts projects.
Funded venues tend to be places that are open to the public and have continuous staffing.
The Council invites applications, from Waterford Arts Venues, for a grant to be used for artistic purposes.
Download the form below, fill it in and send a Hard Copy with all the relevant other documents (such as Child Protection Policy etc) to: Mr Conor Nolan, Arts Officer, Waterford City & County Council, Customer Service Desk, Bailey’s New Street, Waterford to be received no later than 4pm on Friday 30th December. Please also email a soft copy of the completed application form in MSWord to conornolan @ waterfordcouncil.ie

venues-2017-application (The application form is an MS Document)

For queries on the Venue Grant process, please fill in form below. We would hope to resolve the issue within 48 hours.

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