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Following the amalgamation of Waterford City & County Council and following the recommendations of the new Arts Strategy,  a number of the previous grants (detailed below) that delivered Arts projects (as recommended by the previous Arts Plans) can be proposed for under Arts Act Grants (These include: Voluntary/Amateur and Community Arts). Similarly a number of grants that delivered arts programmes by professional arts organisations can be looked at under Professional Project Grants (Professional Artists and incorporated Arts Organisations). The table below shows the alignment between 2012-2016 grant categories (Grey) and 2017-2021 grant categories (Blue).

2012-2016 2017-2021
Amateur Arts Production Arts Act Grants
Amateur Musical Production Arts Act Grants
Arts in Health/Arts Disability programme Professional Project Grants
Concerts Programme Professional Project Grants
Intergenerational Inclusion Arts-programme Professional Project Grants
Marching Band programme Arts Act Grants
New Play &Producer grant Playwright & Producer Team Grant
Primary Schools programme Professional Project Grants
Professional Creative Collaboration Production Professional Project Grants
Publishing Purchase Scheme Arts Act Grants
3rd Party Bursaries Moved to Specific Bursaries – contact Office for details
Youth Pre-professional production Professional Project Grants
Social Inclusion Programme Grant Professional Project Grants




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