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Coastguard Cultural Centre Saturday 10th September 8pm  

Maria is an Irish singer, actor and filmmaker. Together with her husband Kieran Kennedy she runs a small independent record label (Mermaid Records) and they have release 7 albums to date.

Maria’s last two albums have demonstrated her evolving artistry. 2007’s Mutter was inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s novel, Diary, about a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, while The Storms Are On The Ocean (2011) placed her in the Elizabethan world of haunting folk tales and murder ballads. Inarguably ‘Sing’ is her most accomplished and accessible work yet, a celebration of “the power of the voice, the sound a group of people can make when lifting their voices together – the human act of singing”.

10917457_778145882254766_3466237369099416244_nTickets 20euro

Coastguard Cultural Centre Tramore, LoveLane, Tramore, Waterford



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