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The Muse and Mister Yeats, a play for voices, written and directed by Eamon Grennan and performed by Curlew Theatre Company, in aid of Waterford Hospice.

Waterford Medieval Museum on Monday 4th April 2016 , Starts 8.00pm (approx one hour duration)

Reception at 7.30pm

In his long and productive life as a poet , W B Yeats had a number of romantic relationships with women whom he regarded as his muses, among them the woman who became his wife, George Hyde-Lees. Some of Yeats’s best know poems were inspired by one or other of these women. In his critical work, W.B.Yeats and the Muses , the Yeats scholar , Joseph Hassett has written an account of these relationships. Using this work as its prompt, as well as calling on other material , this ‘play for voices’ allows each of these women to tell in her own voice part of her own story.

Curlew Theatre Company was founded in Connemara in 2009 and specialises in plays for voices. An adaptation of Synge’s Aran Islands, (2009) was followed by the documentary play Hunger ,(2010) treating of the Great Irish Famine. A second documentary piece was , Emigration Road, (2011). Them an original play by Eamon Grennan, Ferry (2012) and then most recent piece, The Muse and Mister Yeats (2013).The aim of the group is to produce performance pieces that rely almost solely on text and voice. With only two actors (playing many voices) , a minimum of props and not much stage business, these dramatic pieces explore in an immediate way their chosen subjects, seeking to bring everything down to a close , even intimate relationship between players and audience.

Tickets €10  (Limited to 100) may be purchased from Waterford Hospice 051 844847 http://waterfordhospice.ie/ or

Waterford Medieval Museum 051 849501  http://waterfordtreasures.com/medieval-museum



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