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November 18 – 21, Town Hall Theatre, Dungarvan, 8pm.
Dungarvan Dramatic Club present Tom Murphy’s ‘A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocer’s Assistant’ which tells the story of John Joe Moran (Liam Ryan) the son of the town gravedigger (Ruaidhrí de Paor) and a washerwoman (Padraigín Ní Chadhla), and the servant to a craw-thumping grocer (Con O Sullivan) who pays him 19 shillin’s a week whilst urging him not to stray from the straight and narrow. John Joe has a girl and dreams of escape just like his brother, but his mother and her close ally the Parish Priest keep John Joe firmly in chains.
Dungarvan Dramatic Club was founded in the Town Hall Dungarvan in November 1941,with the aim of “producing plays and promoting good comradeship among its members”. Since its foundation over 90 plays have been produced by group including the excellent Plazza Suite.

November 18 – 21, Town Hall Theatre, Dungarvan, 8pm Tickets are on sale from The Wine Buff & Kelly’s Pharmacy. Bookings can also be made by calling 086-3244175.

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