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PHEW, 2014, Hilda Goold28TH AUGUST – 4TH SEPTEMBER 2014

Exhibition opening Thursday 28th August, 7pm

Hive Emerging presents its final exhibition for its Summer Program, ‘Personal Space’. This show will open on the 28th of this month at 7pm and continue until the 4th of September. ‘Personal Space’ includes work by emerging artists, Hilda Goold, Helena Grimes, Simon Bates, Lorraine Walsh, Steph Gallagher, Justyna Gruszczyk, David Fox, Laura Wade and Kate McElroy. ‘Personal Space’ gives insight into the artwork of emerging artists nationwide.

The show, covering a wide variety of media, examines how landscape and space can affect human beings and in turn how human beings can influence and shape their landscapes. The exhibition is thought provoking and accessible. It allows  the viewer to wonder through the artists’ personal inscapes, and their imagined utopias and dystopias. Dealing with urban and rural environment, harking back to the past and projecting into the future, the artworks gives the viewer revelations regarding time as well as space.

During this exhibition the gallery doors will be open from Tuesday to Saturday 12.30 to 5.30.  There will be an open discussion on Thursday the 4th of September at 6.30pm in the gallery between the artists, curators and the public. All are welcome Please keep an eye on our Facebook for more details. Located in the very heart of the City Hive Emerging, at 25 Michael Street, Waterford’s dedicated emerging arts space offers students, recent graduates & up & coming arts practitioners a broad choice of opportunities for the coming year. Details of upcoming opportunities are available on FACEBOOK

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