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Diary, Ruth Flynn AVENUEAvenue Festival 2013 would like to thank all the artists, volunteers and supporters who made this special event possible and successful.

Avenue 2013’s final events in Garter Lane on Sunday signaled the end of three weeks of events, launches, happenings, shows, workshops and discussions. It was a busy, frenetic but at the same time a satisfying and creative experience for those directly involved. It was a learning experience and at times pushed the boundaries of what was achievable and what was strictly necessary.

In all there were over 40 official events, 110 (plus) viewing opportunities, and the direct participation of more then 130 artists and volunteers. We have yet to collate the attendances.

Planning for the festival started in 2012 with representatives from all the main galleries and exhibition spaces. The challenge now in Q3 of 2013 is to look at our original objectives, measure the success (or otherwise) of our actions and ascertain the future direction of this initiative.

As part of the process we would like to invite creative criticism from anyone that was involved in the festival either as a participant or an attendant.

In the meantime the organising committee of Avenue Festival 2013 thanks those who helped bring this new festival to fruition and remains in debt to those who have advised and offered us opportunities to expand our remit for the future.

Anthony Costine, Mary Grehan, Debbie Johnson, Jacquelyn Johnson, Conor Nolan, Sinead O’Higgins, Brian O’Sullivan, Evelyn Power, Conrado Valesco.

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