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Waterford City Council & Garter Lane Arts Centre Young Creators & Critics Programme is a free multidiscipline project that encourages engagement with the arts on all levels.

Commencing in April 2013 The Young Creators & Critics Programme is for people between the ages of 15-18 years to meet informally, on a fortnightly basis, to discuss, attend, critique and engage with a range of multidisciplinary arts events in their City along with national and international arts activities.

With visits from arts professionals and arts decision makers the programme will nurture critical skills and give participants a practical insight into creative and performance industries.

It will also be a fun activity with a rolling agenda to review art, create art, develop social networks, start blogs and have a lark about all things arts.

For information on this contact Ciara Foley 051 849983 or Evelyn Power at 051 877153

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